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Aug 15, 2009 1:45pm EDT
some of the problems within the republican party that rush limbaugh now has become the voice. of course, that was strategy by obama, the obama administration to focus on rush limbaugh, who while he has many fans also has many people who don't like rush limbaugh or so i think right now there is a fight within the republican party to find its leadership. i think that would be very decisive and important election for republicans. at this point i don't think they can regain control of congress. but if they lose badly in 2010 will see a push within the republican party to turn more moderate. >> the conservative ascendancy came out of 2007. and now you have a new book out. it is cowritten with nancy maclean, the american conservative movement, 1945 to the president. first of all, why did you start in 1945? >> i think modern conservatism really emerges that appeared to have been conservatives before the second world war. it is primarily a modern movement. so that's why we began in 1945. >> but why, what happened in 1945? >> i think primarily the emergence of the communist issue and the cold wa
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Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
by rush limbaugh. carol browner, she's our global warming czar. she was part of socialists international, a group for global governance. can stop there? are you are for a global government? are you for someone who is for a global government? and a socialist having the ear of the president of the united states? then we have ezekiel manuel, healthcare advisor, a a proponent of the complete lives system, which puts values on lives based mostly on age. now, here's an honest question -- how many marxists, communists, anti-capitalists do have you around you on a daily basis? whew. he doesn't just have socialists an communists advising him. last night i told you about the people who helped write the stimulus package, the apollo alliance. let me show you a picture of one of the leaders from the apollo alliance here in new york. this man's name is jeff jones. now, i don't know if he has directly advised the president. i don't know that, because we can't seem to get the entrance records at the white house, but we do know this -- his organization, the apollo alliance that he chairs here in new york
Aug 16, 2009 6:30pm EDT
still continue. it's not that we need either pundits or activists because we do need both. rush limbaugh rallied the crowd and does a good job of educating people on issues, but and others are the ones -- you all rarely hear rush limbaugh say call congress. other voices will say that. we need a variety of those voices. the problem in the blogosphere is still on the right. we're at about this compared to the left. if i do something at red state, a protest, there is going to be someone who was going to spend 10,000 words writing by either should not do it or if i would do it their way and set up my way, it would be more effective. you get that everywhere but the right is notorious about that, everyone wants to be the next rush limbaugh and george will, glenn back, you name it. the problem is when we start throwing stones at each other, as opposed to stones on the other side. i am a big believer in throwing stones at republican politicians who have gotten out of line. i'm a big believer in throwing stones are republicans. [applause] as i said this morning, we are rapidly getting to a situat
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
limbaugh, all these people saying the birthers are out of their mind. kind of interesting. we'll see what happens. willie geist, i swear you have made broadcasting history again. >> barnacle sits over here during way too early, which is distracting enough in its own right, but he's critiquing the show as it goes. telling me, no good, i won't make it. >> joe and i realize we can say we are here at the beginning exactly. it's like being present when milton beryl came out. >> or the big bang. >> a big story, bill clinton touching down. we begin with breaking news. former president bill clinton is in north korea on behalf of the obama administration. he's trying to negotiate the release of those two jailed american journalists. reporters euna lee and laura ling sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegally crossing the border. adrian joins us live from beijing -- she's not with us right now. we'll try to get back to her. pat buchanan, let me ask you. what do you think is going on here. can you remember a precedent for something like this? >> i think jimmy carter -- jesse jacks
Aug 17, 2009 4:00am EDT
of stations that have a the limbaugh and a mark of nine who, my god, i think he sold more books so far than the gutenberg bible. i didn't see that incoming. but we decided that we weren't going to choose sides and i was glad to be conservative and say what i believed and callers did not really get that either. into that about a month to figure out that you to run in talk radio show with having a hyper partisan year in and be applied that to our tv show also "morning joe" when it started and is working. the remarkable thing happens when you let people, on your set and you don't scream at them and call them a marxist or a fascist. they want to come back. [laughter] and they tell their friends, you ought to go on the show. and so now we are honored to have great calmness and authors like gail collins and a lot of pulitzer prize winners to come on and we disagree, but it is a civil tom. it is a civil tone. i have gambled, i am a conservative guy, not as much as my dad who thinks nixon got framed, but i'm a conservative guy. [laughter] but there's just not the hyper partisanship there, i think t
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Aug 7, 2009 9:00pm EDT
, attack hannity, limbaugh, hewitt, well bortz, fox news, what a shock, fox news. >> they've attacked fox? sean: can you believe? >> but that's funny. when people have the right to ask what is going on, where is my taxpayer money going, what is going to happen to my health care and my choices and my freedoms, they get mad. sean: people are asking smart questions. >> and they don't like it and people like sean hannity or rush rush limbaugh are inciting mobs, inciting fear. just answer our questions and there won't be a problem. sean: all right. so the net fallout is if mcdonald wins in virginia, and christie wins in new jersey, that tells us what? >> that tells us that the democrats had better back up in a hurry. if i were a democrat in the house i wouldn't vote after this until after i saw those elections. if christie and mcdonald win, that's trouble for them. sean: the blue dogs if they support cap and tax -- >> they're done. sean: stimulus, they're done. >> they're history. sean: are you ready for our concert? [cheers and applause] guys, good to see you. thank you. leeann, love to see y
Aug 10, 2009 6:00am EDT
at these town hall meetings. rush limbaugh calling them nazis and now nancy's calling these protesters un-american. what a colossal mess. we had the poll last week saying obama washington is divisive. it's just this is a mess. what do you do if you're inside the white house? how do you call a time-out and say enough already? >> i don't know how you do it, joe. joe, i'm afraid that all the beginning of the obama a administration, you are down there on the mall that's thousands and thousands of people that air of good feeling and national unity and the belief that obama may just be that agent of change that can bring us together i'm afraid that has all dissipated and is all but gone. he's not down to bush levels but he's down to the point where he about won the election but it is a much more divisive situation. this is one of the ugliest debates i've ever seen. >> it is. it's ugly. you know, mika, we had said this before, several months ago, that every president over the past 16 years, 17 years, said they're going to change washington. bill clinton was going to bring us all together. divisi
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Aug 29, 2009 7:00am EDT
is she mangles a whole bunch of facts, but she also gets some signs off that rush limbaugh. go ahead and copy number of things she says that are wrong. roll the tape. >> you might have heard their philosophical leader, i think his name is rush limbaugh. and he said early on i hope that he does. you know what that means? if the president, your commander-in-chief fails, america fails. now, when a senator says that this will be his waterloo, and we all know what happened at waterloo, then we have him and he fails. do we want a failed state of the united states russian ark so remember, they are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president who looks like me fails. and i want you to know, people look at the united states as a country that has changed its way and has elected someone from kenya and kansas. i will put it like that. >> that's quite a headline again. did you know that wreck obama was from kenya and kansas westerner and i think it's from fighting to eisenhower was from kansas. i'm from kansas. stu and his mother is from kansas and his father is from kenya.
Aug 9, 2009 10:00pm EDT
is a rush limbaugh, michael steele, new gingrich? is important that the party or movement of conservatives have a leader as definable? morrice is it the open source there could be multiple leaders, multiple groups and they will have the same effect and turn the country around and take back the white house and congress over the next two years? >> there is plenty of time. this time four years ago few americans knew barack obama. there is plenty of time to revolve a a leader for the next presidential cycle but in the meantime as volunteers or activists have to take a role and and gage and build within our communities. the problem i think has happened in her on movement through the years it is a lot of conservatives went to washington to do good. they did very well. they stayed and bought into the system. they bought into the benefits of the system and the power. we need to return to a movement of activists. >> a number of conservative leaders, tom delay said we do not need reagan anymore we need a new path, all of us have lived the past 40 or 50 years hearing about kennedy and the last electi
Aug 31, 2009 6:00am EDT
blaming boogiemen. stop blaming top delay. stop blaming karl rove. they have no power. rush limbaugh has no power. fox news has no power to stop this. democrats own washington, d.c. so stop setting up strawmen. like barack obama's been doing from day one and then knocking them down. >> does that mean i can still blame newt gingrich for quite a bit of our problems? >> you and dale hunt can get together and have a newt party if you want. >> don't give them a target. >> seriously, it's just laughable. they always set up these straw men and knock them down. people have figured it out. wait a second. they own the senate. they own the house. they own the white house. conservatives can't do anything. we can't do anything to stop healthcare reform. if democrats decide they want to pass healthcare reform, there's not a damn thing a conservative in america can do to stop it. >> joining the conversation, contributing editor to "new york" magazine, gabriel sherman. he writes, "brooks frequently seems more sympathetic toward obama than the liberal paul krugman. he has written columns praising obama's
Aug 17, 2009 10:00am EDT
limbaugh -- because we do need both. rush limbaugh rallies the crowd and is a good job of educating people on issues. but you will rarely hear him say call congress. it is other voices is a call congress or go to your tea party. we need a variety of voices. the problem in the blogosphere, and we are really bad about this compared to the left, is if i do something at red state, a protest, there's going to be someone who will spend 10,000 words writing why i either should not do it or if i would just do it their way instead of my way it would be more effective. you get that everywhere, but the right is notorious about everyone wants to be the next rush limbaugh or george will or glenn back. -- glen beck. i am a big believer at throwing stones are republican politicians have gotten out of line. [applause] as i said this morning, we are rapidly getting to a situation where we may just take back the house and it will hurt us because we have not learned all the lessons we need to learn. that's why we need to grow a lot of stone's right now so they figure things out before next year. inly the ri
Aug 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
limbaugh and sean hannity and george bush are at greater risk of assassination van barack obama. >> guest: as a fun part of the book. in the last chapter i point out i wouldn't have mentioned it if they haven't brought it up so much other ad campaign you keep hearing about this unique rest of, is that being assassinated because he is black in and this is unlike any other president or any other presidential candidate in the call in for a special secret service protection and article about i'm so worried review it and there was some liberal in britain sank in the is elected he will be assassinated so i wouldn't have mentioned if they haven't been dangling the big red tape in front of me but in point of fact pretty much every presidential assassination or attempted assassination in the history of america was committed by a liberal. some version have entered his communist palestinian extremists and there are a couple who didn't particularly have politics someone include john wilkes booth in that and john hinckley, but envelopes with casey was an actor. he was being hit a piece maugre in and t
Aug 15, 2009 2:00pm EDT
is not that we need pundits or activists, we need both. rush limbaugh rallies in the crowd, does a good job of educating people on the issues. others are the ones you rarely will hear calling congress. we need a variety of voices. the problem of the blogosphere is the writing. if i do something that protests, there will be someone who will spend 10,000 words writing why i either should not do it or if i would do it their way instead of my way it will be much more effective. you get that everywhere. the right is notorious about that, everyone wants to be the next rush limbaugh or gen -- george will. the problem is when we start throwing stones to each other as opposed to throwing stones at the other side. i am a big believer at throwing stones at republican politicians who have gotten out of line. [applause] as i said this morning, we are rapidly getting to a situation where we may just take back the house, and it will hurt us, because we have not learned all the lessons we need to learn. we can throw a lot of stones right now. in the right blogosphere, you have some a competing voices is th
Aug 9, 2009 1:00am EDT
't have a leader or that it needs a leader. your its leaders, rush limbaugh, michael steele, newt gingrich. is it really important that the party or the movement of conservatives have a leader as the findable or is it sort of an open sores that there could be multiple leaders and moldable groups and they will have a ultimately the same effect and turn the country around that would take back the white house and congress over the next few years? who wants to grab that? the in the case of leadership i think there is plenty of time. this time four years ago few americans knew barack obama. there is plenty of time for us to evolve a leader for the next presidential cycle. in the meantime we all is volunteers, we all is that the vista movement have to take a role. we have tulane gates, have to build with tomorrow communities. the problem that i think it's happened in our own movement through the years is that a lot of conservatives went to washington to do good and they did very well. and they stayed and they bought into the system, and they bought into the benefits of the system and of power. w
Jul 31, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. number eight, smoking, drinking, suddenly our president is arty lang. number seven, let's call limbaugh and take this party to the next level. number six, i feel dizzy and confused just like bush. i don't want to freak anyone out but i just saw nixon walking down the hall. number four, tell geithner to put his shirt on. number three, senator larry craig asked if he could have his beer brought to the men's room. still a reference, people. number two, you guys want to see where clinton used to get freaky? and the number one thing overheard at the white house beer summit, excuse me while i take a presidential leak. >>> back at the ranch or the vast ice sheet former governor sarah palin has gone awol, not literally, but fans are upset she has not tweeted on twitter for five whole days. not a peep from the new national poet since she resigned her post on sunday. which means that palin has broken a promise of sorts because on july 17 she tweeted this. ten days until less politically correct twitters fly from my finger tips outside state site. since then there was a posting on palin's facebook
Aug 28, 2009 11:00pm EDT
powell out of the party, i say dow really think --. >> rose: that is rush limbaugh, isn't it. >> well, it is a lot of people. i went out on my book tour and i was trying to explain to people, if you want to be a national party again, you got to win a seat or two in new england. and let me tell you something, people who look like me and talk like me from the south, we're probably not going to do well in northeast harvard maine. colin powell with. olympia snowee will. tony snow will. >> i just threw that out there. i own northeast. i'm sure it would be just like the book tour. vote for him. >> okay, if you say so, okay i will vote for him. but they kicked colin powell out of the party is insane. i learned on the book tour t is fascinating speaking in new england. hi a lot of people come up to me, a lot of older gentleman, especially come up to me and say i used to vote for republicans when they were like you. i said i'm really conservative. >> yeah. >> rose: . >> i'm like a libertarian i'm so conservative. >> no, no, no, no. you're not a hater. and what i realized on this book tour, two
Aug 8, 2009 11:00pm EDT
side like rush limbaugh, god, and the facts, but -- but even with all that, how do you see the -- the conservative movement as a whole being able to communicate our message effectively to the american people as a whole and kind of the middle, nonpolitically elite class when we have such an establishment of media and, like, showmanship up against us where they twist our words and just sell lies all day that we can hardly combat? >> well, let me say, first of all, that i was active as a candidate during the rise of reagan and then i was a congressman for the last two years through the presidential campaign of 1980, and then i served with him for eight years in the congress when he was president. and we had -- you could argue that we had a harder time because we didn't have limbaugh, we didn't have fox news, we didn't have hannity, we didn't have the internet and so there was actually probably a greater net monopoly by abc, nbc, cbs, "the new york times" in that era than there is today. i have two practical pieces of advice for you. the first is sheer repetition. i mean, if yo
Aug 9, 2009 7:00am EDT
on republicans, limbaugh. go ahead. caller: my senator, he did call the house and invited me in on a town hall meeting. he must know i'm a democrat. he was only calling on people for their comments. i was thinking about it while i was on the phone. he's saying all this stuff happening. like the other caller earlier said, there's really not a bill. i felt like he was giving out misunderstood to all of us. it is good that he called but i didn't get to comment. i didn't like the fact that he was giving his opinions rather than listening to any questions. host: how many questions did he take in caller: it went about 45 minutes. he just talked to us rather than listening to what we had to say. host: some people had comments. they were telling him about situations they were going through. thanks for calling in. >> people are either eligible for medicaid another 800-0000 are many that have healthcare. you are really looking at about 8 million people. that's a question you can have. you know right there they aren't telling you the truth. jo they don't cover the issue at these hearings. i paid 22 of t
Aug 15, 2009 7:00am EDT
stupid. we can talk with the other fat one, that rush limbaugh, and not to mention mostly all the people that get up there and carry on are from the south. they are ignorant, they have no teeth, they have no brains, and i'm so ashamed of them. i am so glad i do not live in the south. thank you. host: barbara? barbara's gone. in "the washington post" this morning grassley is the talk of town halls. this is by perry bacon who writes about the town hall meetings of senator charles grassley, the ranking member in the senate finance committee. "conservative activists mobilized early sending urgent e-mail alerts asking republicans to show up at meetings." some iowans, explained someone who strongly opposes the health care reform effort wonders if grassley is wandering off the reservation. curt, what's on your mind this morning? caller: thank god for c-span. i want to talk about the health care system. i am an immigrant. and since i come here, my wife have insurance. i don't use it, because i don't normally get sick, but she uses it a lot. man, i'm telling you, the bills are -- they are so craz
Aug 15, 2009 11:00pm EDT
is to demoralize and mock your opponents. that's why they hate rush limbaugh so much because he makes fun of the left. the daily coats have been good at defeating. most of you don't love in washington, d.c. o'new york. you live somewhere else and you don't have to go to cocktail parties and be beaten down all the time. the second thing is, get the tools. no excuse for not having the tools. i mean get training. it's not enough to come to one conference and think you know everything there is. i'm always striving to be a better writer. you can do that, too. go to conferences and read books. get the logistical tools, a blackberry or iphone that allows you to videotape things. a video camera might come in handy or audio record and tweet from your havend held device. you should all be on twitter. get net worked. there are a lot of people you need to know. get net worked with them. know who they are. i know this is a nonpartisan thing. there is a democratic party, but i do know that a couple of folks from the nrcc are here today, get to know them because if you are republican, they can plug you
Aug 28, 2009 6:00am EDT
to rush limbaugh or something. what? the government? no, they got to be out of it. as though he had base -- base-itis or something. >> i don't know. i don't know. lil we, what do you think? >> i think -- i think we should go to politico? >> isn't that something, though? he did. he gets in a lot of trouble. >> well, you know. he is kind of a shoots from the hip a little bit. >> he does. >> by the way he operates and sometimes that gets him in a little bit of trouble i guess you can say. >> maybe behind the scenes and starts the raise money and organizing and things such as this. >> if your interview. >> stop being interviewed. unless on this show. >> always welcome here. >> so who do we have got politico? >> patrick flavin. let's talk about the politics. but the politics of the passing of the ted kennedy, you eve heard whispers already, some democrats about the health care debate saying let's win this one for teddy. they have to be careful with that, though, don't they? >> they do. for two reasons, for democrats the name of kennedy is golden and cherished but the name kennedy means libera
Aug 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
him a break. they really should give him a break. people like rush limbaugh and i cat think of the name on fox news, he really irritates me. i mean, barack obama cannot do anything, he can't even -- with all the people sittingomething critical. but i want to ask a question, sir. do you think he's going to become a great president? >> guest: it is too early to say. how can you do that? or could be a great president was something that he thought about at the earliest stages of trying to decide whether or not to run. and again this is pretty much the second chapter of the book where, you know, he and his friends are discussing what makes a good president, in his opinion the sort of mixture of the person and the time and that is why he thought ronald reagan was probably the great president and even though he opposed pretty much every single one of his policies the character, the leadership of the individual with the time and the country boss ready for that kind of change. now he went public with that approach and that observation around the time of the nevada caucus and the sout
Aug 10, 2009 12:00pm EDT
, they will start to win. do not respond to their absurd attacks. the key is not to fall for it. rush limbaugh said if conservatives spent their time responding to the never-ending series of baseless attacks from liberals, they would be lost to the cause of truth and freedom forever. awesome point. book, liberals are angry and they don't take the time to equip themselves with the facts. so look at that as a great opening for yourself. do what ann coulter does. when they call them names, laugh. just laugh. that is exactly what ann coulter does. [applause] >> they have no idea what to do with that. when you start laughing, they are completely at a loss. it is laughable what they are doing. and then just tell them it's the oldest trick in the book and it will not work for me. it is one thing for me to be up here today telling you to laugh in the face of liberals, and in your classes and to laugh in the face of your professors. i know it is another thing entirely to be able to actually do it, to laugh at those who call you names. it is tough to dig deep, to believe in something bigger than yourself, to
FOX News
Aug 26, 2009 2:00am EDT
in a minute. first a programming note. tomorrow we will be joined by rush limbaugh. freedom of speech, i believe, is on a hairtrigger. getting rid of people like me in talk radio and your voice. what's coming in the coming months? ted in skyscrapers alone...h. but on the ground by those who could see what needed to be done. volunteers who in service stepped forward... onto the dust of the moon, a levee in the heartland, the marble steps of a dream. you may ask yourself: "where is my moon, my levee, my dream?" well, it's here... with you. step forward. help renew america at
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)